With some of the world’s best-known biologics continuing to face patent expiration in the coming years, the biosimilars market is set for continued growth.

Our Focus

Our unique sector focus means we are always aware of the latest biosimilars industry developments and have access to unrivalled networks within the sector.

It is estimated that biosimilars sales will potentially triple in size to $35 billion by 2025.

The European market is expected to continue to mature and the US offers opportunities, despite many practical challenges. On both sides of the Atlantic, however, downward price pressure suggests competition will be intense.

A Unique Understanding

Within this ever growing and complex market it is evident that agile go-to-market strategies are essential. To execute these plays biosimilar organisations will need dynamic leaders.

Parsity Group has an unrivalled network and knowledge base in the biosimilars industry. We support our clients identify and hire the right senior and excutive talent needed to execute their strategy. And we partner with them to help compensate, develop, motivate, and retain the people who will ensure their ongoing success.

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