Biosimilars and their launch price considerations

25th November

Introduction "Biosimilar" medicines are characteristically different from generic medicines because of their molecular size and structure, together with the sheer complexity and cost of their development. For example, a 500mg ...
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Psychometrics in assessing executives

18th November

Companies are increasingly using psychometric tests to assess and ensure they recruit the right executives to bring positive change to their businesses. It brings a scientific element to executive recruitment that utilises data ...
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The importance of stress reduction for CEOs

11th November

This week is national stress awareness week and we have seen a lot of articles on how to help ease and remove stress for employees within a business but very little on how CEOs can manage their stress and ultimately reduce it. ...
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Do consumers need branded generics?

4th November

Branded products are certainly good for the brand owner’s bottom line–but are they good for the consumer? Current received wisdom says no. As Naomi Klein argued in No Logo, greater access to information should logically mean ...
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The Complex Biosimilar Regulations in Europe

30th September

There are a lot of major advancements linked to biological medicines, including many pathological conditions such as autoimmune diseases and cancer. Biosimilars, a lower cost alternative to many biological medicines, have booste ...
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API Onshoring in the Pharmaceutical Industry

23rd September

The COVID-19 pandemic had a huge impact on the pharmaceutical industry; it disrupted supply chains, delayed production and led to a shortage of medicines. In fact, it’s estimated that close to half of acute care medicines - whic ...
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Two lessons every industry can learn from pharma

22nd September

If you think there’s too much red tape in your industry, spare a thought for pharma. Pharma manufacturers are subject to 76,000 restrictions–and with patients’ lives on the line, they need to take every one of them seriously. ...
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New Appointment - Brendan O'Grady

8th September

Parsity Group successfully appoints Brendan O’Grady as CEO Formulations Business for Glenmark Pharmaceuticals. Parsity Group are pleased to announce their successful partnership with Glenmark Pharmaceuticals to secure Brendan O ...
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6 Challenges to Generics and Biosimilars Market

25th August

6 Things That Could Challenge the Generics and Biosimilars Market Back in 2020, the worldwide pharmaceutical market had a value of $1.27 trillion; $387.92 billion and $28.235 billion of this was made up of the generics market and ...
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