Corporate Governance has long been regarded as the yardstick. However, the regulatory environment has become more complex than ever before, impacting the non-executive role on listed boards; in particular, the role of the Chairman. As a result, boards have increasingly sought executive search firms such as Parsity Group to help advise on the Chair recruitment market. Our prowess in this space led our team to conduct an increasing number of Chair searches in 2018 and 2019, reflecting excellent client confidence in our competence and network.

Our global candidate pool reflects our total commitment to boardroom diversity.

As we continue to grow we will continue in our efforts to support our clients navigate through the dynamic challenges boards face in the future.

Board Search

Parsity Group works with clients to identify, assess and appoint Non-Executive Directors that match the strategic, governance and cultural requirements of the board of a company, be that a ptivate or public organisation.

Our process takes a holistic approach to non-executive appointments, searching into the various features of talent:

  1. Defining experiences and competencies and experiences
  2. Key attributes and drivers

From commencement we work closely with our clients to identify/refine the characteristics sought in new NEDs across these dimensions of leadership. This is then used as premise to gauge candidates via exhaustive interviews and rigorous referencing.

Board Effectiveness

Board effectiveness reviews provide an opportunity for board members to stand back and, in a confidential and passive setting, reflect objectively on their expectations, their contributions, and their impact. Our methodology and approach allows boards to create the room to talk openly about concerns and to propose ways of improving how the board operates.

Parsity Group focuses on the following areas to advance the success of boards:

  • Full alignment - between the executive leadership and the board
  • Corporate governance compliance
  • Team dynamics and quality of board leadership
  • Director effectiveness
  • Committees

Board Succession Planning

Parsity Group believe that good board succession planning contributes to the long-term growth of a company. When conducted through a robust and clear process, board succession planning can ensure a constant source of suitable candidates, who are ready to take over when current directors leave the board. Chiefly, board continuity will also achieve cohesion to deliver strategic plans by aligning the organisations business planning with board resources.

Our team delivers well structured succession planning advisory across a range of small and mid-sized clients This includes:

  • Strategic Targets: At commencement we will discuss client strategy, challenges and opportunities. This will allow us to trace the skill-sets needed on the Board.
  • Gap Analysis: We will compare current board competencies against required competencies to highlight where possible gaps lie
  • Benchmarking: We benchmark identified skillsets against clients’ selected peer group
  • Profile Identification: We identify ideal candidates of future Non-Executive Directors to fill competency gaps
  • Search Process: The search process will start to identify candidates that match the required competencies and experiences

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