Chief Executive Officers

No leadership position has a bigger impact on an organisation’s success than the CEO. 

Our Expertise

Parsity Group provides coaching and guidance for long-term succession planning, mid-term planned CEO succession and ad hoc search for companies in emergency.

Whatever the situation, the well-being of the organisation and the way it is perceived by its investors and key stakeholders depends in the main on the track record, experience and leadership capabilities of the CEO.

As private equity continues to invest strongly in life science, high-potential development and succession planning is critical.

Organisations have begun pursuing C-suite talent in non-pharmaceutical industries, broadening the playing field and blurring the intersection of business and life science. Looking to optimize their workforces, companies are turning to contracted solutions in sales, marketing, R&D, clinical trials, technology, and health information to provide needed flexibility and add critical value.

Parsity group partners with our clients in all stages of the CEO leadership journey.

That journey begins by aligning with the board regarding the company's future change needs and CEO expectations. We then help you build a high-calibre internal pipeline of senior leaders with CEO potential by screening, assessing, and advising them on their development trajectory. This process builds a strong team and helps create support for the chosen CEO. Our team has access to the best external candidates. We evaluate them based on the same robust and comprehensive criteria that we use with internal candidates.

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