Diversity Officers

It is now an industry consensus that a genuine commitment to creating diverse teams achieves better outcomes and directly impacts the bottom line.

We at Parsity Group truly believe that a commitment to diversity means implementing ongoing structures that prioritise and support diversity presently and into the future.

The status quo is not enough.

To help provide the required corporate fabric, organisations are turning to diversity and inclusion leaders to pave the way. Aside from providing equal opportunity for all applicants, broadening cultural perspective, and deepening the organizational talent pool, In order to create, maintain, and leverage a diverse workforce.

Our team has a deep understanding of the issues and opportunities surrounding inclusion. We are able to define the key leadership characteristics of effective Diversity Officers and other D&I professionals, and apply these elements to assessment and succession, organisational design, talent acquisition, leadership development and more.

Over 50% of the Fortune 500 have CDOs or their equivalent.

This emphasises the growing role of Chief Diversity Officers.

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