The checklist for success in the generics industry differ from those of a traditional pharmaceutical company.

Our Focus

Our unique sector focus means we are always aware of the latest generics industry developments and have access to unrivalled networks within the sector.

Current and potential leaders must understand this unique market to succeed.

Industry Specialism

Parsity Group partners with all players in the generics industry globally. This includes:

  • Independent companies
  • The generics divisions of large corporations
  • Active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) manufacturers
  • Specialty pharmaceutical companies
  • Private Equity
  • Wholesalers
  • Pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs)
  • Payors

A Unique Understanding

We partner with international generic clients to support them as they compose specific strategies that reflect the unique culture and requirements of the generic industry.

We help them design people frameworks - the structure, roles and responsibilities – built to operate in their marketplace and seize opportunities as they arise.

We support them identify and hire the right senior and dynamic talent needed to execute their strategy. And we partner with them to help compensate, develop, motivate, and retain the people who will ensure their ongoing success.

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