Digital Officers

As organisations invest further in digital expansion, identifying and attracting top leadership is only part of the challenge.

Our research has demonstrated that companies spend considerable time and resource in hiring digital talent, only to realise that cultural and strategic differences result in a substandard hire.

Competitors that did not exist a few short years ago have forced established companies to abruptly close their doors after decades of service. Sector leaders have fallen by the wayside, and new powerhouses have emerged. At the heart of this quantum leap is the digital revolution. In this dynamic new atmosphere, new leaders are needed – smart, engaged leaders who think differently, act swiftly, and build fully functional teams that can operate and thrive in a fast-paced digital world.

We work with boards and leadership teams on succession planning, culture, and transformation. 

Parsity Group works with clients spanning all areas of digital to synchronise their talent and strategy. Our solutions create and build teams that are fit for purpose. Our experience enables us to assess teams and organisations on their digital preparedness and ability to drive real transformation and change.

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