Ethical Leadership in the Pharmaceutical World

19th April

Lisa LeCointe-Cephas, a chief ethics and compliance officer, embodies leadership which ethically uses AI. To generalise, Lisa is advocating a new era of ethical leadership. Lisa wishes to keep her business on an ethical pathway ...
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The Power of Empathy in Leadership

9th April

In the face of mounting challenges, including inflation, market instability, recession fears, high staff turnover, and persistent supply chain disruptions, business leaders in 2024 are increasingly recognising the importance of ...
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Building A Sustainable Future For Generics

28th March

The pharmaceutical industry is under increasing pressure to adopt more environmentally sustainable practices, and the generics sector is no exception. As the world faces the alarming consequences of climate change, business as u ...
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Navigating The Promising Landscape of Biosimilars

22nd March

Biosimilars: A Promising Path to Accessible Healthcare Biosimilars are medicinal products that are highly similar to existing biologic drugs. They offer a cost-effective alternative to expensive biologic treatments, making heal ...
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Why The Pharmaceutical Industry Needs Good Leaders

8th March

Effective leadership is key to the success of any business. But in pharma, it is especially critical given the high stakes. Pharma leaders' choices can profoundly impact patients' lives, regulatory compliance, and corporate repu ...
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How Generics Are Reducing Costs For Employers

1st March

With healthcare expenses continuing to rise, employers are pursuing innovative ways to reduce costs while maintaining high-quality care for their workforces. One strategy gaining favour is expanding the use of generics and biosi ...
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How Biosimilars Are Reshaping Medicine

16th February

In healthcare, biosimilars are emerging as a transformative force, reshaping the way we approach and access medical treatments. These biologic drugs, which are highly similar to existing, already-approved biologics, are revoluti ...
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Generics: Expanding Access Beyond Just Lower Price

30th January

Generic drug makers have long played a pivotal role in expanding global access to essential medicines by producing affordable, high-volume versions once patents expire. But the traditional model of simply manufacturing lower-cos ...
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The Impact of Generics on Affordability

19th January

Generic medicines play an indispensable role in ensuring the financial and operational sustainability of the NHS. NHS doctors issue over 1 billion medicine prescriptions annually to treat British patients, with generic medicines ...
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The Evolution of CEOs in the Pharmaceutical World

16th January

Pharma CEOs hold immense influence, directing global health futures through R&D funding allocation while controlling therapeutic access via pricing models. Beyond the finance pages, these leaders have little of the fame flashier ...
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